Turn every purchase into a direct relationship

AssistAlong gives your customers an incredibly easy way to re-order your products

One-click Re-ordering turns every sale into a revenue stream.

Works across all sales channels

Every brand. Every product. Every third party distributor. Get ready to build relationships everywhere you sell.

Customer loyalty without the commitments

Ideal for anyone who avoids subscription plans.

Effortless for you, timely for your customers

No more blind Email or SMS campaigns. We will work with each customer to find the right time for their reorder.

A “Reorder Button” anywhere and anytime customers want

Smart reminders that learn the purchase habit of each customer

When a customer buys your product, they can set up personalized reminders that adapt to their purchase habit. So much easier for everyone.

  • We find the right time for each customer to reorder
  • Every customer experience is customized to their purchase habit

“Reorder Button" on your products

Your product comes with a unique QR code that your customers scan when they’re ready to re-order. It’s like a “Buy Again” button on every product.

  • No need to remember where they bought it last time
  • No hassle of looking it up online or going to the store again

A Smart “Reorder Button” that recognizes customers to enable one-tap reordering

Blazing fast

No need to enter payment and shipping info every time. Customers’ details are saved so everything happens in just seconds.

Smart and Personalized

Every cart is pre-populated with the products due to be reordered based on customers' purchase history.

Easy integration

We seamlessly sync with your online store, so there’s no need to manage anything extra.

Fulfillment works as usual

All purchase records magically appear in your online store so you can continue your fulfilment as usual.

What about my subscribers?

Don’t worry, Assistalong won’t impact your subscribers in any way. We focus on helping your other customers buy again and again.

Know your customers, Improve your performance

We let you know who is buying your products across all channels, identify customers with high lifetime value and help you to keep them and find more like them.

Make every sale a revenue stream

Start today and provide an easy way for your customers to re-order your products whenever they want.

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