Smart checkout

Instant and personalized checkout experience for your Email and SMS marketing
By integrating with your marketing platform and Shopify checkout, AssistAlong enables your customers to place orders directly from SMS and email
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Offer a fast and seamless checkout experience by allowing customers to start their order from anywhere

Eliminate the friction caused by redirecting customers across all your marketing campaigns to the same ordering process on your website. With AssistAlong's smart checkout, your customers can place their order right from SMS or Emails
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Streamline the Checkout Experience by Keeping Your Marketing Campaigns and Checkouts automatically in sync

Effortlessly Pre-Populate Checkouts with Accurate Product and Discount Information to allow customers confirm their orders with just one tap
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Deliver a Unique, Personalized Checkout Experience for Every Customer, Without Requiring Login or Account Creation

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Increase AOV

Allow Customers to Add Previously Purchased Products and Relevant Upsells Without Creating an Account or Logging In
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Grow your subscriptions

By showing customers their purchase history and suggesting the right delivery frequency, you remove any friction for them to subscribe.
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Reduce cart abandonment by auto-filling all checkout fields-no more typing required

Automatically Retrieve Customer Information from Previous Orders to Simplify the Checkout Process
Unlock the full potential
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of your SMS and Email marketing
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